About Us


Integrity Computers was founded in 2002 by Director/Owner Andrew Good. It was created to serve the IT needs of Small Business along Sydney’s North Shore.

The uptake of broadband and remote services has further assisted the organic growth of our customer base, which now includes corporate and interstate clients.

From Home users with a single PC to national companies with branches spread across the country, we are always here to help.

$1 per day really?

Yes we can – we have the technology!
Our backend systems are highly efficient, and able to cope with high demand, and deliver great value

We Understand

We understand communication skills are very important. You will find it very easy to be understood and your issues resolved without miscommunication

We are solid

Integrity Computers is a business that’s built to last. We have been in operation for decades, with many clients having been with us for over 10 years

Will you save?

We guarantee you will save money, time, headaches, and gain peace of mind with our managed Services plans. Email or call & we can talk you through how it works

Managed Services

Uncertainty is everywhere, and it is expensive – lost time, unproductive hours, lost data, and unknown, mounting costs.

Uncertainty is preventable – your Monthly IT spend CAN be set-and-forget.

Now you can budget an exact monthly amount, knowing you are WAY ahead of hourly support and much less likely to suffer preventable disasters.

80% of IT issues are preventable, and our fixed-price support plans include maintenance to take care of that, plus your backups are infinite – forever held in secure, confidential encrypted storage until needed.

Free Site Health Check

Integrity Computers offers a free needs analysis / health check of your existing system – let us check-over your setup and advise what your vulnerabilities are and how to address them – at no cost to you.

Our broad range of I.T. support includes remote and onsite assistance, online backups, websites, cloud services, hardware and software supply and upgrades. Any gaps in your coverage can be advised and fulfilled with our unique and comprehensive support. This can be done in person or remotely depending on location and COVID requirements.

No payment required – this Check-up is free, and will give you great value – at no cost to you. If you then wish to engage us after that, that’s entirely your choice – there’s no obligation.