Managed Services - what does that mean?

Our specialised program sits quietly on your system, constantly updating us on the health & status of your equipment - hard drive health, updates, backups, temperature, security, vulnerability.

Online Backup

Infinite, Offsite, Managed Backups, accessible only to you. No charge for storage space

Managed Antivirus

Our remotely managed antivirus program tells us when you have an issue so we can fix it immediately

Fixed Price Plans

$1 per PC per Day for unlimited Remote Support - Unprecedented Value

System Monitoring

Our remote agent monitors and advises of issues so we can fix problems before they become headaches for you


Select your Management Plan

Want unlimited remote support for one PC? That will be $1/day.
Want to add unlimited onsite support? Increase to $2/day ...
Need all this PLUS our Ultimate Backup plan? Simply add one more $1/day.

Unlimited Remote IT Support
$1 / day
  • Unlimited remote support per PC
  • MS Office & email
  • Internet setup
  • Virus clearing
  • Backups
  • System monitoring & maintenance
  • Firewall, malware & spyware control
$2 / day
  • $1 Plan Plus:-
  • Unlimited Onsite Support
  • Installations
  • Upgrades
  • Repairs
  • Wifi & modem setup
$3 / day
  • $2 Plan Plus:-
  • Managed Online Backup
  • High level encryption
  • Super secure
  • Disaster recovery
  • Only seen by you
  • Retained forever